Month: January 2018

Utah Residential Solar: What to Expect in 2018

Utah Residential Solar

Calculate Your Solar Savings Setting the expectation for your solar power installation is critical when purchasing solar. When people first look into solar, they often aren’t aware of the process and its timeline. The impact of waiting longer, however, will cut into your ability to save with solar. Going Solar in Utah: What You Need […]

Utah Solar Tax Credit: What’s New in 2018

Utah Solar Tax Credit

Tax credits for the last several years have made solar a more affordable option. This trend will continue despite changes in the recent 201 trade case. Tax credits have been the means for many Utahan’s access to renewable energy. Combined, state and federal tax credits cover over 30 percent of residential solar. 2017, however, has […]

The Utah Solar Install: How to Pick the Right Company

Utah Solar Install

Many go to the wizard of all answers, Google, to find more information about solar. But when it comes to photovoltaics in Utah, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all your choices. Utah Solar Installer Reviews Of course, the solar company you’re speaking with is going to tell you they’re the best. The real question is […]

Why Utah and Reno Should switch to LED and Solar

Solar Plus LED

As Utah and Reno Nevada’s top-rated solar installer, Go Solar Group cares about your home’s energy. The first step is a change in the way we purchase, use, and manage our light bulbs. If Nevada and Utah want to keep up, they must take note of the changes made to national regulations. These regulations suggest […]

Being a Solar CEO: Lessons on Workplace Energy

Solar Energy Life Lessons

As a solar company CEO, I’ve learned many unexpected lessons about a form of energy seemingly different yet related to solar energy – energy in the workplace.   I know how to manage people’s electricity usage within the walls of their homes, helping them reduce power bills and establish energy independence. But that’s just the […]

Advantages of Utah Solar Power in 2018

Benefits In Utah For A Home Solar System

When people talk about solar there are some main topics that everyone knows about. These include saving money, federal tax credits, state incentives, and helping the environment. These are all great ways in which solar can be a benefit to you. There are, however, less frequently mentioned benefits to solar, which we’ll cover in this […]

A Guide to Nevada Energy Rebates: From Solar to Wind

Nevada Energy Rebates

If you’re looking for a quick and accurate guide to Nevada energy rebates, you’ve come to the right place. Although we’re a solar company, we support all forms of energy efficiency. That means compounding solar with a range of other energy-efficient resources.   Nevada’s System Specific Renewable Energy Rebates   There is a bundle of […]

Reno Solar: its Backstory & How to Use it to Your Advantage

Reno Solar Power

Reno is a prime example of how past solar blunders can get turned into a victory. This city serves as a microcosm of how other cities and states can move forward. The History of Solar in Reno In January of 2016, the solar industry was challenged. The public utility commission approved a retroactive solar policy […]

Solar Quiz: Are You a True Outdoorsman?


Do you instill fear within wild animals that make most men run for the hills? Can you rough it through the harshest of nature’s elements, or are you basically a domesticated house cat? Take this quiz to discover your true nature in the wilderness. Are you ready to discover whether you’re a weenie or a […]

Solar Quiz: Are You Enough of a ‘Mr. Fix It’?


Although the dividing line between men’s and women’s roles in relationships has evolved significantly, women still want a guy who knows his way around a toolbox, can fix things, and improve the quality of life within a home. Contrary to popular opinion, being ‘Mr. Fix It’ isn’t always about fixing broken things; it’s also about […]

Utah Solar Panel Quotes: Finding the Best Ones Quickly

Utah Solar Panel Quotes

Knowing where to look for a solar panel quote in the state of Utah can be challenging. This first step to getting a quality quote it understanding how solar companies find customers. How the Solar Sales Process Works in Giving Solar Panel Quotes   Most solar companies get their customers through lead source companies. Lead […]

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