Month: November 2017

Utah Solar Energy Prevents these 5 Awkward Convos

Solar Facts

Even awkward silences are less awkward than these conversations, many of which can be easily prevented with a simple solar panel installation for your Utah home. 5. The ‘Thermostat Wars’ Conversation: Young Utah Couples, Beware Photo credit: Men and women comprising married couples across Utah will have their thermostat wars ‘until death do them […]

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Utah? History Reveals All

Are solar panels worth it in Utah?

Today, as never before, humankind has so profoundly advanced one of its tools that it now functions in elegant alignment with the unvarnished mechanical order of the universe. This tool’s harmonic function stems from a lustrous interplay of carbon-swept cosmic winds and the stardust comprising our very bones, revealing in its grandeur the relationship between […]

Questions You Must Ask When Getting Solar Panels Installed

Solar Facts

Go Solar Group CEO, Scott Cramer, reveals solar prospect questions that result in successful solar installation and getting the best ROI on your solar panels as possible.  10. Why Do You Want to Go Solar? Is the decision financial, adding equity to your house, saving the planet, or a mixture of these reasons? Your answer […]

Solar Panels for Home Cost: The Financial Realities of Solar

Cost Of Solar Panels

Solar panels for home cost less than most people think, all things considered. That said, the financial realities of going solar are yet to be explained in their entirety. The purpose of this post is to educate residential solar prospects about the financial realities of solar—and with an unbiased approach. Just the stuff you need […]

5 Solar Inverter Steps You Need to Know

Solar Inverter

Understanding Your Home’s Solar Inverter This is the large gray and black box we installed on or inside your home. This device turns your solar power’s DC (direct current) electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity, which matches that of the grid’s. In this picture you can also see the rapid shutdown switch and solar source […]

Why Utah Residents Should Go Solar Before Nov. 15, 2017

Solar Net Metering Changes

Would you turn down an investment that guarantees 10% return on your surplus energy over the course of 18 years? If you’re considering solar and the answer is no, you better have a rooftop solar solution locked in by Nov. 14th this year. If you don’t, however, it isn’t the end of the world—solar will […]

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