Month: July 2017

How Do Solar Panels Create Electricity?

How Do Solar Panels Create Electricity?

First, let’s look at a simple introduction to how solar-powered electricity really works. If you’d like to dive into the more technical details of how solar works, skip down to Part 2. 1. How does a solar panel work to create electricity? PV cells, or “photovoltaic cells,” are solar panels that are mounted on homes […]

How To Turn On Your Residential Solar System

How To

Turning on your new solar system is a two step process. First, connecting the Direct Current (DC) part of the array. Then second, connecting the Alternating Current (AC) part of the array. Follow these simple steps below and you’ll be up and running. If at any time you have a question about turning on your […]

Solar Panel ROI and Financing Options

Solar panel ROI

Solar Panels Amazing ROI (and three ways to make it even better) Quick, which of these three home improvement projects offers the best ROI (return on investment)? Remodel the kitchen, replace the windows, or add some solar power? The answer is shocking for HGTV watchers who love the big unveiling of a snazzy new kitchen. […]

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