Month: April 2017

Why Utah Electricity Costs Justify Residential Solar

Utah Electricity Costs And Solar

Already rising energy prices are projected to inflate even more drastically over the next 25 years (the minimum warrantied lifetime of solar panels), and the trend won’t wane from 2017 to 2018. Nationwide, utility bills have been increasing at an annual rate between 4 and 7 percent. Thanks to Warren Buffett, homeowners in Utah could soon […]

What is solar energy?

Solar Facts

The definition of ‘solar energy’ is simple: solar energy is energy that is produced by the sun.  There are some amazing solar energy facts about the sun. For example, the Lunar and Planetary Institute describes how in just one hour the sun produces enough energy to power 2,880 trillion light bulbs. That’s like giving every […]

6 Things Utah Residents Can Do to Offset Traffic Smog

How To

Smog in Salt Lake City, Utah is putting Utahans in imminent danger. As the population increases with the Silicon Slopes tech movement, pollution from cars is escalating with heightened highway transit. As you can guess, the health effects of smog are ever-increasing as studies continue to prove the relationship between air pollution and disease. The […]

What Is the Average Household Energy Usage in Utah?

Solar Community

If you are looking into solar for your home, you may be asking yourself: “How many watts does it take to power a house?” Well, it depends. It depends on your energy usage, which is very much related to the size of your home and your energy usage habits. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) […]

How to Clean Solar Panels: 8 Maintenance Truths

How to Clean Solar Panels

You may be asking yourself “How do I clean my solar panels?” or “Do I need to clean my solar panels?”, so take to these 8 tips before you shell out money for expensive products or a services. #1: Most solar panel arrays are self-cleaning. Solar panel cleaning is not necessary unless you can visibly […]

Why Solar is Just 1 Solution to Utah Air Pollution

Solar Community

Air pollution solutions need to be a high priority for any of us Utahans that hate seeing that hazy smog layered across the valley. Solar-powered solutions are great remedies for air pollution and fighting the inversion. However, it can also be as simple as switching the lights off when you leave a room, but there […]

Effects of Air Pollution is Stirring Illness in Salt Lake County

Solar Community

Everyone knows that the terrible effects of air pollution on the environment are increasing. Most don’t know that while living in Salt Lake Valley comes with one of the most beautiful mountain views, the air pollution is slowly worsening quality of life for Salt Lake County residents. While environmental causes for illness are common, the World Health Organization has completed studies […]

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