Month: March 2017

4 Reasons We All Need Battery Backup

Emergency Preparedness

Optimize your residential battery backup with solar backup power Since adding solar capabilities to homes has become increasingly affordable, more owners are attempting to give up the grid for good. Of course, the availability of sunlight varies from hour to hour, so many homes must still rely on the grid or a diesel generator for […]

How to measure air quality | 3 Tools designed to help you

How To

Poor air quality not only harms your health in the long term, but it also impairs your ability to concentrate, sleep and work. The bigger problem – most people don’t know how to measure air quality so that they can start improving it. The first step to improving the quality of your air is to […]

What You Should Know About Utah Air Quality

Solar Community

WHAT IS THE STATE OF AIR QUALITY IN UTAH? Utah air quality hit an all-time low at the beginning of the new year. It is no secret that Utah air quality in the Greater Salt Lake area is some of the worst air in the country. On any given day in February you can check […]

6 Unusual Ways to Save Money Monthly

How To

Managing personal finances can be a struggle, and it requires regular effort to monitor spending, save enough and invest properly if you want to achieve major results. Your initial focus may be on improving your budget. If you want to know how to save on monthly expenses, you are not alone. Some people critically need […]

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